How to Keep Your Dog Clean in Baths

bath a dogA dog with body odor can be quite repulsive, and those with dogs know how difficult it can be to keep their pets clean and smelling fresh between baths. I bathed my dog last weekend, and he already smells and looks like a dirty rag mop.I don’t like to bathe my dog too often for a couple of reasons. Bathing can be drying to the skin, and I must admit, I really dread the task. My stubborn little Shi-Tzu hates taking a bath, and by the time I’m done struggling with him in the tub, I need a shower, and the entire bathroom needs a thorough cleaning. At the same time, I don’t want my dog to smell bad.

In between baths I use a few different methods to keep my dog smelling fresh and clean, and these cheap and easy methods really work. When it’s time for a bath I take my dog to Petsmart. For twenty dollars he receives a through bath and brushing. That’s a small price to pay considering what I’ve had to go through when bathing and grooming him on my own. Whether your dog loves a bath or puts up a terrible fight, if he’s smelling a little rank in between baths, give the following methods a try. These sponge bathing methods are safe, cheap, and exceptionally easy, and they’ll keep your dog smelling pleasantly fresh between baths.

Baby Wipes

I haven’t had a baby in my home for a few years, but I keep baby wipes on hand for a variety of reasons. I use them to clean and freshen my dog in between baths more often than anything else. I buy Equate brand from Wal-Mart as well as Aldi’s brand of baby wipes. For approximately $1.99 my dog stays clean between baths all month long, and the wipes keep him from having that dreadful doggy odor that dogs typically have after becoming damp outside.

Pet stores sell wipes especially for pets, but they’re expensive, and although they’re thicker than baby wipes, they really aren’t necessary. Baby wipes are gentle enough for babies, and of course they’re non-toxic, so they’re perfect for spot cleaning pets. I use them to clean dirty paws, my dog’s dirty rear end when necessary, and I go over his entire body from head to toe. A sponge bath is much less traumatic for both of us.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very versatile natural product, and it works exceptionally well to clean and freshen a dog between baths. I regularly brush baking soda into my dog’s coat, and it results in a cleaner, shinier coat. Best of all, the baking soda gets rid of that doggy smell in between baths. Baking soda is cheap, and I keep a large box on hand especially for brushing and freshening my dog’s coat.


If you find you’re out of baking soda, cornstarch is also a very good natural product to keep a dog smelling clean in between baths. Like baking soda, cornstarch is very absorbent, and it will condition the skin while producing a fresh, clean scent. While avoiding the eyes and nose, rub a generous amount of cornstarch through your dog’s coat before brushing it in thoroughly. Cornstarch will also provide natural itch relief to a dog with dry itchy skin.

Baby Powder

Baby powder has an unmistakable pleasant scent, and it’s not just for two-legged babies. When my dog is exceptionally smelly in between baths, after brushing cornstarch or baking soda into his coat, I add a little baby powder. It’s naturally gentle since it’s used on human babies, and it helps deodorize the coat tremendously. Consider buying a container for your four-legged baby for use in between baths. Keeping your dog smelling clean and fresh in between baths is beneficial for your dog as well as the entire family.


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